Throughout your yoga training experiences you will hear a variety of terminology's used by instructors that may seem confusing or indeed foreign.

Whilst it is not a prerequisite that you should know or even begin to understand them all, the following does at least provide some meaning to the more common terminology's used, which you may find useful.

Word / Phrase   Definition
Abhinivesha   Survival instinct
Asanas   Postures
Bhakti Yoga   Emphasises the devotion to the divine
Chakras   Centers of energy located between the base of your spinal column and the crown or your head
Dhyana   Meditation
Hatha Yoga, Ha   Sun Tha: Moon a type of yoga primarily concerned with mastering control over the physical body as a path to enlightenment
Jnana Yoga   Emphasises questioning and meditation
Kriya Yoga   Focuses on action and participation in life
Mantra Yoga   Involves chanting of sounds
Om   A syllable that is used as a mantra
Padmasana   Lotus pose
Pingala   A channel on the right side of the spine through which prana moves
Prana   Soul of the universe
Pranayama   Breathing exercises
Raja Yoga   Focuses on the control of the intellect in order to obtain enlightenment
Samadhi   Goal of yoga, becoming aware of nothing
Tantra   Technique
Tantra Yoga   Made up of different rituals
Tapas   Self discipline
Upanishads   Ancient scriptures of Hindu philosophy that describe the path of Jnana Yoga
Yoga   To yoke or join together
Yogi   One who practices yoga
Vinyasa   Grouping of yoga postures that flow together
If ever you hear a word or phrase that you don't understand, never be afraid to ask your instructor what it means, you can bet there will be other students in your class who are probably asking themselves the same question too.